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One will wonder if which one stands out more: the massive circular butterfly garden surrounding the glass-domed rotunda of Psyche's Cabin or if it's the other way around. Nonetheless, let's go over each location.

First, anyone visiting the abode of Psyche's children will be greeted by neatly trimmed bushes, shrubs, and hedges, which are dotted with countless species of flowers and are homes to an abundance of butterflies flying endlessly around. It forms a grand circle that ends in a white arched trellis that provides the entrance to the premises. Inside the perimeter of the circle is just as grand. Colorfully painted benches and tables rest under the shades of low-lying trees scattered throughout the garden. Standing between the trellis and the cabin is a three-tiered marble fountain spewing sparkling water. On top of the fountain is the statue of Eros holding Psyche in her arms, both of which are sculpted in all their godly glory. The garden alone seems to emanate a soothing effect to one's mind and soul. As such, it is an optimal venue for meditation, rest, or simply recreation.

Second, is the rotund cabin itself. Made of immaculately polished marble, ionic columns stand firmly to form the porch. At the foot of each column is a flower pot nestled on a bronze tripod and at the ceiling hangs numerous lanterns that glow a different hue depending on the general mood of the camp. Meanwhile, the door itself is quite simple. It is made of varnished poplar wood with a golden doorknob, while the head of a cherub pops out from its upper frame. The general design of the door seems to fool the visitor of the cabin's true wonder inside.

Upon entering the cabin, the first thing one will behold are eight stained glass windows that reach up to three storeys high, even though the cabin outside looks as if it only has one floor. Each window depicts a section of Psyche's life. Instead of a plain roof, a stained glass dome sits at the top, which depicts a giant butterfly in flight. The scenes of each window are enchanted to move as if they are alive. Meanwhile, the first floor of the cabin is the common room for Psyche's children. Only a few simple furniture such as white sofas and tables are neatly arranged in a circle at the center of the room. The second and third floors are then made for the campers' rooms. These can be accessed through a spiral staircase. Whenever a new resident arrives, a new room is made while keeping the cabin's size intact. Finally, at the end of the staircase is a door that leads to a small balcony. A decent view of camp can be seen from here, but is not that good of a vantage point.

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Meet Psyche's Children

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Cabin Announcements

(Special announcements by the counsellors are to be placed here, like welcoming new members, saying goodbye to leaving members, birthdays, etc. Also put here if there's an ongoing counsellor spot challenge and maybe encouragement to go to events (like the new halloween one) and saying good luck to those who joined the battle royale and congratulating those who won and maybe like an IC call to eat dinner outside or ice skate etc.)

Cabin Activities

Here, it's like for example, there's a schedule activity for a certain day. Like every Mondays and Wednesdays, there's a scheduled morning jog at 5 am, and then at 10 am, there's swordfighting practice. Then every Tuesdays and Thursdays, they train in fighting WHILE flying and then maybe pegasi riding lessons etc.

Unlike the cabin announcements, this is pretty much scheduled and is like the daily activities that campers do while at Camp. So it really needs to have something to do with training, while on the cabin announcements, you can put there recreation stuff also.

Special Duties

Things that the cabin runs in Camp, like what are they in charge of (Infirmary for Apollo, Armory for Heph etc). Also put here assigned tasks like who goes on watch at what time.

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