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Goddess of Misery, Anxiety and Depression
Oizys by chael

From the outside, the Oizys' Cabin looks like a fairly miserable place to live in. The exterior presents itself as a decrepit cabin with wood that has a black colouring to it but is rotting in some places. The cabin tiles are a deep black colour and one could guess that they're made of an obsidian of sorts with a greyish hue coming off of them, considering grey is a colour associated with anxiety. The entrance to the cabin is a set of two double doors, both grand and splendour in comparison to the cabin walls. They're dark red in colour, each with grey and black accents. Noticeably, the wood around the doors are in the best shape, perhaps looking like any other cabin. The various windows that dot the cabin walls are blacked out and whilst some look shattered, others appear to have been boarded up. Some have window sills in tact or poor shape whilst other's don't have any at all. In the centre of the roof of the cabin are three chimneys that have a constant stream of smoke pouring out of them. On either side of the double doors are two statues; a male figure to the left and a female one to the right. Both are hunched over and weeping into one hand whilst the other holds a flame out, serving as the lamps for the cabin.

The grass around the cabin looks dead in comparison to the luscious green grass elsewhere. It is brown in colour and, when closer to the cabin itself, becomes more overgrown as if it's unkempt. There are three willow trees that tower over the cabin; one to the either side and one at the back. The three trees not only give an unpleasant look and feel to the area but also covers the cabin in somewhat of a permanent shade and, if one was to look for too long, they would swear they could see mist forming around the cabin.

The interior of the cabin is a little more bearable, sleeker in appearance. The first room, the main room, serves as a common room area. The fireplace connecting to the three chimneys is in the centre of the room and black leather sofas circle it. This area is sunken, separating it from the rest of room. Various things such as the aforementioned fireplace, the bright colours of the possessions of the occupants and the light grey choice of colour of the walls gives an illusion of something warmer than seen outside. Despite the warm given off by the fireplace and the torches around the room, there is an air of coldness.

Dotted along the walls of both the living area and the corridors that lead off to the individual rooms of the occupants are pictures that depict suffering. Some resemble scenes of famous punishments from Tartarus whilst others are as tame as photos of funerals. The floors of the corridors are lined with dark coloured carpets that, again, give the illusion of warmth. One would notice that the corridors are long and appear never-ending. It is daunting and some swear that if you stare for long enough you can see the images of suffering in the walls move whilst feeling anxious.

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Cabin Announcements

(Special announcements by the counsellors are to be placed here, like welcoming new members, saying goodbye to leaving members, birthdays, etc. Also put here if there's an ongoing counsellor spot challenge and maybe encouragement to go to events (like the new halloween one) and saying good luck to those who joined the battle royale and congratulating those who won and maybe like an IC call to eat dinner outside or ice skate etc.)

Cabin Activities

Here, it's like for example, there's a schedule activity for a certain day. Like every Mondays and Wednesdays, there's a scheduled morning jog at 5 am, and then at 10 am, there's swordfighting practice. Then every Tuesdays and Thursdays, they train in fighting WHILE flying and then maybe pegasi riding lessons etc.

Unlike the cabin announcements, this is pretty much scheduled and is like the daily activities that campers do while at Camp. So it really needs to have something to do with training, while on the cabin announcements, you can put there recreation stuff also.

Special Duties

Things that the cabin runs in Camp, like what are they in charge of (Infirmary for Apollo, Armory for Heph etc). Also put here assigned tasks like who goes on watch at what time.

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  • Aetna's Cabin
    • Mutual defense pact
    • We will help each other with quests
    • We will not attack each other

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