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Goddess of the Volcanic Mount Etna

When one thinks of volcanos, the devastation that was Pompeii comes to mind for most. When constructing Aetna's cabin, Camp kept that image in mind in honour of the devastation caused, creating a cabin that was modelled after a Roman/Italian villa. With beautiful sleek black walls carved out of molten rock and obsidian, if you look up close you can see an endless flow of lava behind it which has been enchanted to never pour through the cracks. At the back of the cabin is a chimney designed to look like a volcano. During the day the volcano erupts every other hour, spewing charmed cool lava out of a depository and into a lava river that surrounds the cabin and then pumps it back into the depository.

After crossing a molten rock bridge as to not step in the cooled lava river, you may enter the villa-like cabin. An incredibly high temperature isn't uncommon in the Aetna cabin as her children aren't as effected by heat, often resulting in them not realizing how high the temperature of the thermostat really is. The inside doesn't retain much of the outside appeal, instead of having black obsidian walls, they are painted white with the lava still flowing behind it, giving a nice contrast between the white walls and the red-orange lava. The floor is made of obsidian, giving it a glistening black almost glass-like feel to it. The living room is what you first see when you walk in, with a sitting area and appliances such as a tv in a sunken crater. The crater mimics that of the top of a volcano, ragged and rough edges with a red carpet mimicking magma in the crater.

Separating the living room and the kitchen from the back of the cabin which campers' bedrooms can be located is a fountain of lava, which can be shut off for those who are effected by lava to walk through. Much like the lava on the outside of the cabin, this lava has been enchanted as to not melt anything on the inside. As you pass through the fountain, the walls slowly appear to be charred as they gradually transition from the white painted walls to that of obsidian and molten rock, matching the floor now. The main light source aside from some torches and light fixtures is the lava behind the walls, with larger cracks as to let more light in.

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Cabin Announcements

(Special announcements by the counsellors are to be placed here, like welcoming new members, saying goodbye to leaving members, birthdays, etc. Also put here if there's an ongoing counsellor spot challenge and maybe encouragement to go to events (like the new halloween one) and saying good luck to those who joined the battle royale and congratulating those who won and maybe like an IC call to eat dinner outside or ice skate etc.)

Cabin Activities

Here, it's like for example, there's a schedule activity for a certain day. Like every Mondays and Wednesdays, there's a scheduled morning jog at 5 am, and then at 10 am, there's swordfighting practice. Then every Tuesdays and Thursdays, they train in fighting WHILE flying and then maybe pegasi riding lessons etc.

Unlike the cabin announcements, this is pretty much scheduled and is like the daily activities that campers do while at Camp. So it really needs to have something to do with training, while on the cabin announcements, you can put there recreation stuff also.

Special Duties

Things that the cabin runs in Camp, like what are they in charge of (Infirmary for Apollo, Armory for Heph etc). Also put here assigned tasks like who goes on watch at what time.

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  • Oizys' Cabin
    • Mutual defense pact
    • We will help each other with quests
    • We will not attack each other

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